Processor, packer and worldwide-exporter of Pakistani dates

We have numerous connections with the origin and, therefore, can deliver large supplies (i.e. full containers) direct from the source to the customer.

In addition, in our modern warehouse constantly have a diverse range of Dates on stock, of Dates from all key production regions and fruit grades. We guarantee continuous homogeneous quality standards and offer our customers prompt delivery and distribution direct from our warehouse.

Partner-oriented services, primarily consulting, are of special significance in our company. Our customers can benefit from our experience; we support with the following services, for example:

  • Delivery of single-garden Dates to your premises.
  • Consulting in selecting Dates and compiling blends, also with further ingredients.
  • Export, transport, organization and document handling.
  • Quality testing, third party inspection, and have arrangement with certified food safety consultant for improving selection and quality of dates.
  • Pollutant/residue analyses by accredited special laboratorie.
  • Compiling Quality from natural Aseel, Begum Jangi, BJ Mix.
  • Cleaning and homogenizing.
  • Logistic services.
  • “Just-in-time” delivery.
  • Packaging: inner wrapping of food grade high density polythene blue plastic bags, master cartons, individual packaging of 10 kg -25 kg.
  • Allow private label of importers as per their demand.